Trauma is like being pierced with a sword.

You can live in pain for the rest of your life or you can remove the sword of trauma, heal the wound it leaves, and then use your sword to become stronger, more creative and calmer.

This healing workbook is a step by step workbook for removing the sword, healing the wound, and moving on from trauma.

This healing workbook is great for therapists, support groups, advocates, survivors of trauma from domestic violence, rape, incest, sexual abuse, sexual assault or bullying.

In the book Finding Angela Shelton I shared about ending self abuse and self hatred after creating the documentary Searching for Angela Shelton helps break the silence around abuse. The healing workbook helps break the cycle. 

If you or someone you know are in pain from any kind of trauma from child abuse to bullying or you are ready to move to the next level of healing – going through this workbook will help! It is especially helpful to go through the steps with your therapist, support group, healer or healing buddy.

This workbook was created after traveling for years with my book and documentary and speaking to over 30,000 survivors. After seeing first hand how some survivors moved forward and some did not, I created this 117 page step-by-step journal to help you move from victim to survivor to one who thrives.

The more people who heal and move forward with their lives, the better this world is and the quicker we can end the epidemic of abuse.

Thank you for working the workbook – it works!

Thank you for healing.

Peace and Love,

Angela Shelton

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